Tires Michelin

Michelin Defender LTX - all season tires from a well-known French company , made for operation on SUVs. Michelin Defender LTX reviews said Defender LTX tires have been designed to provide uniform wear, low noise and high fuel efficiency, while ensuring stable grip, durability and comfort all year round.

The composition of the rubber compound tires Michelin Defender LTX

The modified composition of the rubber compound is rich in quality elements, the main ones being silicon dioxide, rubber, resins and refined oils. The presented components are responsible for excellent grip and braking, wear resistance, low rolling resistance and the necessary softness at low temperatures.

Features of the tread pattern of rubber Michelin Defender LTX

The working surface of the rubber was created using the most advanced technologies and allows you to achieve the best driving characteristics in off-road conditions. The design of the tread pattern has a symmetrical orientation, which is reflected in high performance, braking and handling in difficult road conditions. The independent design of the tread blocks of the tire sidewall is equipped with cross-shaped slots, which contribute to additional lateral grip and braking when cornering and maneuvering. Toothed center blocks contribute to superior directional stability and quick response to steering turns, and they also enhance traction in the snow. The unique shape of the rubber contact spot keeps uniform wear and tear, while advanced technologies provide impeccable comfort and reduce vibration and noise.

The tire’s water drainage system consists of three longitudinal and many transverse channels, which, in turn, very quickly repel water, snow and slush from the working surface, preventing aquaplaning, which greatly increases tire safety.

The internal structure of the tire includes two or three steel belts depending on the range of rubber load and the place of production to increase strength and resistance to puncture of the tread.

Advantages of the Michelin Defender LTX :
  • Maximum safety and first-class off-road driving.
  • Resistant to aquaplaning.
  • Excellent technical specifications.
  • Acoustic comfort and durability.

Michelin , French tires, initially focused on minimal noise inside the car. They are produced for any car and any time of the year. Each Michelin tire model has something for its own specific conditions. For example, Michelin Pilot tires have better wet grip in cornering and have effective braking performance. Michelin Pilot Primacy have excellent wear resistance, tires perfectly brake on dry roads, reduce vibration by 6%. The asymmetric tread pattern of Michelin Energy significantly reduces braking distance and provides excellent traction. The company has developed tires with double-locking studs.

The company was founded in 1889. A patent for tire production was obtained in 1891. Already in 1907, the first enterprise was opened abroad - in Italian Turin. The company is headquartered in Clermont-Ferrand. Before becoming a global tire giant, Michelin absorbed about a dozen tire companies. Radial tires - invention of Michelin (1946). For a long time, the company’s tires were the main tires of Formula 1 racing, now negotiations are ongoing to continue cooperation.

Best cars for women

Stylish cars with a well-protected body and a set of assistant systems are a good option for those who want an easy and trouble-free ride. And the crossover is not always a dream machine
The King of Saudi Arabia has announced that since mid-2018, women in one of the most conservative Arab countries will finally be allowed to get rights and drive cars. True, they can only drive with the permission of a man, but the fact is that there are no territories left in the world where women are not allowed to drive.

The number of women drivers is growing worldwide, and in Russia their share in driving schools has long reached 50%. Having argued in the editorial office on the topic of gender equality at the wheel, we decided to find out if there were cars on the market that could be called typically female, and what exactly could be bought for different amounts. A compact crossover with a bright appearance, mandatory automatic transmission and parking assistance systems - from simple sonars and cameras to autopilot - was taken as a conditional ideal. It turned out that budget cars cannot fully meet these criteria.

Kia picanto

“Little” no longer means “feminine”, but Picanto is so cute and friendly that you can recommend it to the ladies without any fear. This is the last representative of the supercompact class “A” in Russia, and it is ideally suited for urban operation. With a length of 3.6 m, it is easier to maneuver in the stream and easier to find a parking space. The automatic transmission relies only on a version with a 1.2 liter engine producing 84 hp, and such a car costs at least 649,900 rubles. The set of equipment has a keyless entry system, a navigator and a rear view camera. By the way, the importer promised to bring to Russia also the X-Line series cars with increased ground clearance and a protective plastic body kit.

Chery Tiggo 2

In the range of Chinese Chery, there is a relatively compact Tiggo 3 crossover, which can be stacked at 1 million, but by far the younger Tiggo 2 looks more fun and better equipped. He has “Automatic” only in the maximum configuration Luxury, which in addition to parking radars includes a rear view camera, a touch media system with the ability to display a mobile phone screen and a good power package. A 1.5-liter engine develops only 106 hp, and there are no other options. All-wheel drive transmission is also not offered.